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Philips Hand Blender price and features

Philips HR3700 200 W Stand Mixer, Hand Blender Price - ₹1,699 Stand Mixer, Hand Blender Power Consumed: 200 W Power Supply: 220-240 V Mixing Philips Daily Mixer makes baking easier for fast, delicious results every time. Prepare cake mixes and batters up to 20%...

Prestige DRIP Coffee Maker price and features

Prestige DRIP  Coffee Maker   Price - ₹1,149 Type: Drip Coffee Machine Capacity: 6 Cups Water Level Indicator Power Consumption: 650 W Elegant in design, it collects strong filtered coffee decoction and retains the aroma of coffee. Made of high-quality materials, this...

Butterfly Rapid Electric Kettle price and features

Butterfly Rapid Electric Kettle Butterfly Rapid Electric Kettle price - ₹749   Suitable For: Maggi, Pasta & Noodles Stainless Steel Body Consumes: 1500 W Auto Switch Off Capacity: 1.5 L Prepare hot water, instant tea etc in a matter of minutes with Butterfly EKN...

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Redgear Mouse Mat

Specifications :

  • Build and design for  professional gamers
  • Mouse mat dimension: 800mm x 300mm x 3mm
  • Quick response for consistent in-game control
  • Fit for all types of a gaming mouse.
  • smooth and fast
  • Best for  gamers who need to hit targets faster and more efficiently
  • Mouse moves smoothly  entire area of the mat

About Gaming Mouse Mat 

Redgear MP80 Speed-Type Gaming Mousepad

Redgear Gaming mouse mat basically design for Pro gamers those people are interested in high-end PC and laptop gaming they should definitely try this product. This Redgear Gaming mouse mat size comes with  800mm x 300mm x 3mm. so it provides a big space for the mouse movement area. Now this product available at Amazon if you want to buy this product, the link will available at top of the page.

This mouse mat provides smooth and flexibility to the user so that the user can play the game at any abstraction. if you are interested in the best gaming pad then you may check this Redgear Pro Series . Redgear Gaming mouse mat price around 589 rupees. now they are providing the best offer at amazon. you may check this link to BUY Gaming Mouse Mat

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