Realme 5 pro review

Realme 5 Pro review

Realme 5 Pro review

Realme 5 pro Specification summary

  • Display 6.3 inches Full HD  Display
  • RAM 4/6/8GB
  • Internal Memory 64/128GB
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM712
  • Rear Camera  48MP+8MP+2MP+2MP
  • Front Camera 16MP
  • Battery 4035mAh
  • VOOC Flash Charge 3.0
  • Notch dewdrop
  • Fingerprint YES back
  • Sim Dual

Realme 5 pro Design Review 

Realme 5 pro backside body design looks like crystal design. this design represents a diamond cut. This design makes a beautiful holographic color effect.

Realme 5 pro Memory Review 

This phone has three different types of RAM option like 4 GB or 6GB or 8GB.

Two Different Types of Internal memory option like 64GB or 128GB

Realme 5 pro Processor Review 

Realme 5 Pro comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM712. according to realme this processor CPU score 182656 and GPU score 162077. this processor has a 2.3 GHz frequency.

We use this phone for high-end tasks like image editing and video editing. we didn’t see any stock and problem.

Gamming point of view. we play a different type of game in Realme 5 pro phone games like asphalt nitro, PUBG, Angry Bird .we didn’t face any stock problem. But at the time of gameplay, this phone face a little bit of warmer

Realme 5 pro Camera Review 

Realme 5 Pro comes with quad camera at it’s backside 48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP Quad Camera .

we took some photos with this phone using a 48MP camera .that photo looking pretty good and lighter. but we see this phone add some artificial light and color to the photo.

Realme 5 Pro 48MP camera photo

Realme 5 Pro 48MP camera photo

Photo Zoom test .we took one photo with text image at distance around 170 meters .after that we zoom that photo and we can see that text on the photo clearly visible.and also we are tested on bike number plate reading that also passes successfully.

Ultra Wide-angle Lens test. we can see it will cover a wide area at the time of the ultra-wide-angle photo.

Realme 5 Pro Ultra Wide angel Photo

Super Macro Lens test. we took a small object photo using a super macro lens. that lense provides a pretty good image.

We test slow-motion video using realme 5 pro at different frame rate 120 FPS, 240 FPS, 960FPS.120FPS and 240FPS provide a long time shoot but 960FPS provides less than ten seconds.

At the time of slow-motion video test, we saw video resolution decrease and at the time of 960FPS frame drop problem also we saw.960 FPS slow-motion video looks like it’s coming frame by frame. You can watch below slow-motion video.

we test low light photos using realme 5 pro . this phone adds some light inside the photo and the photo looks pretty good.

Realme 5 pro front camera photo looks pretty good. you can watch below the photo.

Photo shoot by Realme 5 pro front camera

Photo shoot by Realme 5 pro front camera

Realme 5 pro battery Review 

Realme 5 pro uses Vooc flash charge. at the time of the charing test, we saw realme 5 pro charges 1 Percent within 1 min.

Realme 5 pro competitor redmi note 7 pro and redmi note 8 pro 

Realme 5 pro  Pros 

  • Excellent price
  • Slowmotion video
  • 48 MP camera
  • Body design
  • Fast Charge
  • Good services

Realme 5 pro needs improvements on its upcoming model

  • 960 FPS slow-motion video
  • Hyper smooth video stabilization
  • Processor up gradation
  • display scratch protection
  • Waterproof .under water video shoot
  • Front display smoothness like 90HZ refresh rate.

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