Panasonic IC-BCKR01BK Seekit Loop Location Smart Tracker

Panasonic Seekit Location Smart Tracker specification :

  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Water Resistant
  • Battery Life of 12 Months
  • Last Seen Location, Where did You Leave Your Wallet, Keys etc
  • Bi-Directional Tracking
  • Crowd GPS – Network of SeekIt Users Helps You Track Valuables
  • Selfie Button

Panasonic Seekit Location Smart Tracker specification price – ₹1,299 rupee 


Panasonic Seekit Location Smart Tracker specification overview :


This tracker alerts you whenever your valuables become disconnected. It also will come with an ultimate found feature to help your track your valuables easily.The separation indicator sends an alarm on your own smartphone once your valuable disconnects, making it difficult to reduce your belongings. The voice alert makes a buzzing sound plus it glows, in the event you are forgetting your phone, letting you receive it back. With a battery life up to 12 months, that you don’t need to worry about charging your Seekit. This feature guides you towards your lost valuables, saving your valuable time. Enjoy smooth connectivity using the Best in Class blue tooth technology.
Even when you somehow missed noticing that the separation indicator, you don’t have to be worried. It is possible to assess at which you left your valuables last conveniently. All you need to will be available the Seekit program and assess the past seen the location of one’s valuables.


Find the perfect angle and click magnificent selfies with the selfie button. This Seekit device works fine even if it is tolerable because it really is water resistant.
You may also send an SOS alert along with your GPS location, whenever you feel a threat.
The Seekit feature enables you to find your belongings, with no hassle. Make use of the Seekit app to make the Seekit ring by tapping on the buzz button . You can also use this particular feature in dark rooms, since it comes with an LED. In the event you double press the Seekit button ring your phone, even when it’s on silent.

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