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How to fix headphone symbol stuck problem on Redmi mobile –

method -1 

Step 1: Unplug Headphone If plugged.

Step 2: Go to Settings ->

             Sound & Vibration ->

             Audio Settings ->

             Choose Head Phone Types.


             In MIUI 10 update

             Settings ->

             Additional Settings->

             Headphones & audio effects

There are various options like General, General In-ear, Mi earbuds Mi In-ear, etc

Step 3: select any one option from that and plug headphone and remove, wait 3 seconds after removing headphone and see If headphone symbol disappears or not.


Method -2 

If the first method didn’t work,
Take your headphone and then put back it in the headphone jack area quickly and then remove it. Do it for a couple of times. The plugin and plug out should be fast.
Ensure that you do it in a carefully to avoid any physical damage to the headphone jack.


Method -3 

The easiest way is to just take an earbud and insert it into the headphone jack area gently and clean it carefully.
This method should fix the issue.


*Caution – we are not responsible for any physical damage or issue. Do it on own responsibility.

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