Bitdefender BOX 2


Bitdefender’s award-winning IoT Protection has a new version which is highly improved and is known as the Bitdefender BOX 2. It provides protection to operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, and Android, the BOX is designed to protect iOS devices, Kindle, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, smart thermostats and any other device that could be connected over the internet. It is basically a hardware protection appliance that can be used with an ISP provided modem and it can also act as a router whenever you are in need of one.



  • Protection from malware and malicious attacks
  • Providing a protected communication medium over the internet
  • Blocking threats
  • Highlighting vulnerable devices
  • Informing users about viruses that were noticed in a newly connected device
  • Providing total security to the user


PROCESSOR 400 MHz Single Core 1.2 GHz Dual Core
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n 802.11 ac MiMo WiFi
RAM 64 MB DDR2 1GB of DDR3
THROUGHPUT 100 Mbps 1 Gbps


  • DEVICE DETECTION: When connecting a new device to the box, the user would be intimated and a pop-up window will reflect the same message. It is at the discretion of the user whether to allow the pop-up or not.
  • WEB SCANNING: Any malicious website that the cloud has tagged will be blocked automatically as the BOX scans every website that is logged in.
  • EXPLOIT PREVENTION: It identifies and blocks the exploiting factors through a mechanism which is always accurate in detection and protects the operating system from various types of attacks.
  • SENSITIVE DATA PROTECTION: Any unauthorized access to sensitive information such as passcodes or passwords while e-cash transactions are carried out using debit or credit card, it provides high-intensity protection.
  • BRUTE FORCE PROTECTION: It blocks forced authentication on devices connected to the BOX
  • ON DEMAND VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT: In case a device is found to be vulnerable to threats or attacks, the user would be notified then and there.

 Local Protection

  • The Bitdefender BOX offers extended protection to all devices connected in the home network, and with the help of the Bitdefender Total Security package, even outside of it. This also includes VPN brought through Bitdefender Total Security on Windows, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac on Mac OS, and Bitdefender Mobile Security on Android and iOS.


  1. TOTAL SECURITY on your devices after successfully installing the BOX
  2. BOX PACKAGE CONTENT includes the guide to get started with the process of installation, and a help guide as well
  3. A warranty card is also included along with the BOX
  4. It provides local protection to the users

Bitdefender BOX 2 PRICE:

Box 2 price in the USA: USD $199.


It is a great product which provides overall security to devices being used over the internet. It can be used as a router, has all the qualities of antivirus software and it improves the quality of the network being used.

The Box & Bitdefender total security:

The BOX comes with Bitdefender Total Security so that together they can offer complete protection and management over devices.

Once you install Bitdefender Total Security on your devices, you will be able to use the Bitdefender Central app to remotely run scans, locate devices, remotely lock them and even wipe the information off of them as a last resort. Once the action initiated through the Central all is finished, you will receive a notification in the app regarding the outcome.

Moreover, Bitdefender Total Security includes a VPN module. The VPN serves as a tunnel between your device and the network you connect to securing your connection, encrypting the data using bank-grade encryption, and hiding your IP address wherever you are. Your traffic is redirected through a separate server; thus making your device almost impossible to be identified through the myriad of other devices that are using our services.

 Box & parental advisor:

With the new and enhanced Parental Advisor that comes with BOX, you can easily:

  1.  Pause Internet access for individual devices or for an entire profile
  2.  Schedule screen time for when you would like to disable Internet access for a certain profile
  3.  Web filtering that will block content not appropriate for children

NOTE: For web filtering please make sure that you also have the Parental Advisor agent installed locally on the device on which you wish to test this function. You can easily do this from the Central app by choosing the device, tapping on Install Protection and then choosing Bitdefender Parental Advisor and entering the email address where you would like to send install instructions.


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